Growing Pains: A Workshop for Creative Entrepeneurs


WHEN:      Thursday, 26 September
WHERE:     Meadow, Stockbridge
TIME:         10.30 - 1.30pm

Includes a seasonal 2-course lunch

Join creative strategist Calandre Orton to tackle some of the challenges of ‘growing pains’ as your business moves from one stage to the next. This workshop is an opportunity to invest in, review and nurture your role as founder. You might be starting up, scaling up or just wanting to focus on growth. 

The workshop will constitute practical individual exercises, group discussions and small group tasks so that you walk away with specific actions and ideas to implement in your own business. All sizes of business are welcome. 

About Calandre

Calandre Orton is a creative strategist working with those in the arts and creative industries on creative and commercial strategy. She founded Up With The Lark in 2015 and works with founders, entrepreneurs and makers across the full spectrum of the creative arts.

 A self-proclaimed optimist, every interaction with Calandre offers ideas, energy and practical insight. Whatever your industry, business stage or view of success, it is her belief that the key to success is clarity – of vision, purpose and action. 

Calandre has always worked where the creative meets the commercial – as an art and media lawyer, a studio manager, a commercial director and now as a strategist. She is the host of a podcast entitled “Up With The Lark” and runs workshops and speaks at events. 

Clients include: Jess Wheeler, Studio Peake, Plum & Ashby, Scribble & Daub, Twig Hutchinson, Lottie Delamain and Hum London


·     What is "Growth"?

Understanding what growth means to you and how this interacts with success for you and your business.

·     Balancing Working On and Working In The Business.

A practical look at these two elements and how you can balance the time, effort and focus that you give to each.

·      Taking Risks Whilst Staying True To Your Values

Growing a business requires risks. An exercise on defining and refining your values and how to stay true to them.

·      Delegating To Your Team/Freelancers

Sometimes growth requires a bigger team. How do you know you are ready to hire? What should you delegate and what should you retain with you? 

·      Maintaining Originality and Creativity

Discovering how you can stay creative and original when under pressure and with so much noise both online and in real life.

 Individual ‘Power Hours’ can be booked with Calandre in the afternoon. Please contact

Max: 15 people

£100pp (Includes a seasonal 2-course lunch)