Lucy McMillan-Scott

Lucy has been a professional portrait painter and artist for over 20 years, working from her studio in Gloucestershire, and taking commissions from across the UK, Europe and internationally.  She spent her childhood in rural Worcestershire before studying at Chelsea College of Art.

Her landscapes contain dilapidated caravans and decaying barns which challenge our understanding of emptiness and abandonment; they remind us that absence can be beautiful.  These devastated structures are transformed by her hand into delicate and meaningful forms.

Lucy works predominantly in oils and pencil.  Her surfaces are as smooth as possible in order to get the fine detail she requires, without the interference of weave or grain.  She prepares the boards on which she paints herself; painstakingly sanding each layer of gesso to achieve the perfect finish.  Lucy’s paintings are then built up over more, fine layers of paint, each needing time to dry before the next in order to elicit the maximum depth and substance.