Botanical Painting with Katharine Amies


WHEN:       Thursday, 13th June, 2024
WHERE:     Meadow, Stockbridge
TIME:         9.30am - 1.30pm

Join botanical artist Katharine Amies for a morning learning how to paint botanical subjects. This class is for all abilities, even if you have never picked up a paintbrush before! The idea is to have fun and for you to go away pleasantly surprised by what you have achieved, and with a new level of confidence.

Starting from the very beginning you will learn how to make shapes look convincingly 3D using just pencil. We will then apply these skills to a small vegetable or piece of fruit such as a rosehip. We will then begin to look at how to apply watercolour and move it around the paper to create smooth, layered tones of colour, finishing with drawing and painting a flower or a small botanical subject.

Katharine’s work seeks to capture the intimate essence of plants in a manner that photographs, despite their detail, fail to convey. Katharine trained at the Chelsea Physic Garden in 2000 and since then has been exhibiting her work across the globe. Her course with Create Academy will launch in late 2024.

‘Katharine is so professional, and the results are phenomenal even for complete novices.’ Eloise, Chichester

‘Katharine’s classes are the highlight of my week. She is an excellent teacher – she is patient, open-minded, and has a tremendous knowledge of the techniques. More than anything she is a joy to spend time with.’ Eugenie, Paris

Tickets £80 or £120 with a seasonal 2 course lunch. The price includes all materials.